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MFAZA National Food and Beverage

GruppoThe group instrumental in introducing the Grupo Cappuccino brand to the Middle East is the MFAZA Group, a part of the Bait Al Arab group of Companies, established in 2008. MFAZA has been actively involved establishing several concepts ad franchises, ranging from Pizza, salad bars, oriental cuisines to now Cappuccino Grand Café, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

MFAZA operates in Egypt as well under the brand Misr Seneen which is a remarkable beach resort and touristic site to be launched in July 2010.

The magnificent Café is located at the exclusive Jeddah Marina a private club for 5,000 Saudi families. It is designed by the celebrated, world renowned English architect John Pawson, has a seating capacity of 550 and exudes an Arab flair, with a limestone floor simulating the desert sand and walls lined with the same Indian teak used to build the houses in the old quarters of Jeddah.

The ICG suite for hospitality in its entirety, from the wireless order taking module Telecommanda, FrontRest – the POS for restaurants and cafes, to the back-office module ICG Enterprise Manager is at work in Cappuccino Grand Café, Jeddah. This Café is interlinked to the Central Back-Office of Gruppo Cappuccino in Spain, which is also powered by ICG. This installation is a classic example of multi-location franchise management by the ICG software.

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