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New 2013 version of ICG released

Get familiar with all the new functionality for the following ICG applications: FrontRest, FrontRetail, FrontHotel, ICGManager, Pocket Manager, ICGReport, and ICGCommerce.

Download PDF | FrontRest 2013

Download PDF | FrontRetail 2013

Download PDF | FrontHotel 2013

Download PDF | ICGManager 2013

Download PDF | ICGReport 2013

Download PDF | ICGCommerce 2013

Download PDF | Pocket-Manager 2013


Nuevas_Versiones_2013_FrontRest_01 Nuevas_Versiones_2013_FrontRetail_01
Nuevas_Versiones_2013_FrontHotel_01 Nuevas_Versiones_2013_ICGManager_01
Nuevas_Versiones_2013_ICGReport_01  Nuevas_Versiones_2013_ICGCommerce_01

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