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Whether you have large multi-country operations, several franchisees or just a small single outlet operation, we have the perfect scalable Restaurant Pos solution that provides you with an easy to use interface, is reliable, secure and accurate.

Our solutions help your business enhance its sales turnover and thus increase profitability. Reach out to your customers through online ordering, set up your own call center, enable staff to take orders on android devices or hand held terminals. Set up your own loyalty program, email your customers and send them promotional information through SMS. Manage your operations centrally, with instant access to real time data on sales and stocks.

restaurant-posRestaurant POS
Perform all tasks including Sales, Purchase and Inventory Control through POS. Control Collections and Discrepancies.

kitchen-printingKitchen Printing
Control printing of orders to specific kitchen printers or screens to speed up Customer Service. Attach multiple printers dividing orders by type of service- Hot, Cold, Sushi etc.

Use tablets to take orders, send to kitchen and settle bills, speeding up tables rotation providing a faster service and improve communication with kitchen.

Control the table occupancy in each area of Restaurant. Manage prepared dishes to serve and print subtotals.

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