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Improved Delivery System Released

Modifications of Delivery Orders

Until recently orders were taken on taken by phone and totalized immediately. If the client calls again to modify the order, it was necessary to modify the ticket from the sales summary and notify the kitchen with the changes.

Now, after taking the order by phone, you can click on “Wait” button and it is printed to kitchen. If the client calls again to modify it, you can search the order with the button “Delivery Wait” or from Delivery button, and add or remove the items. These modifications will be sent to kitchen.

When the order is ready, it appears on delivery screen, available to be totalized and delivered.

Multiple Addresses By Client
It is possible to create several addresses for each client, since in delivery, a client can call from his home, from his office… all these addresses are saved in his file. When you click on “Delivery” button, type the client’s phone number and if it is already created because this client already exists, system will show his address by default and it will be possible to scroll down other addresses or create new ones.

Send Email AutomaticallyWhen The Order Is Being Delivered.

ICG FrontRest sends an email to client indicating that his order is being delivered. This email is sent automatically when the delivery man is assigned to the order.

Incidence reasons

You can create incidence reasons that could have a delivery order (wrong address, late delivery, not answered…). User select this order from Delivery button and sends it to Incidence status, then the system asks automatically the reason. Afterward, it is also possible to credit ticket.

Allowances By Employee For Delivery Status

You can create Delivery status as user allowances, in order to allow a delivery man to select only a status, avoiding assigning incidence status.

Service Types Filter In Delivery Screen

In delivery screen, where delivery man is assigned to orders, there are also displayed orders to be consumed in the local or to be picked up. It is possible to create a filter to show one or the other.

Improvements In Call Center Delivery

After taking the order, system asks for the payment type, and at this moment, user can say the total amount.  User selects the payment type and sends the order to nearest establishment automatically.

Service Charge and Tip

Service charge is established and tips for all delivery orders, so that when delivering an order will be total amount + service charge and tip (optional).

Clients’ Address Enlargement

The “Delivery” button, shows the client’s address, this field has been enlarged for long addresses.

Preparation times and Delivery Report

New Reports to show preparation and delivery times have been released.

Delivery Report

New report is available in ICG FrontRest “Reports” button that indicates number of deliveries done by each delivery man by amount showing total amount for all them.

Delivery By Area Report

New report is available in “Report” button that indicates the number of deliveries done in each area, discriminating assigned and delivered orders (To check incidences).Report shows total amount for all deliveries.

New employee allowance generates credit in incidences
In case there is an incidence in a delivery, (For instance, client rejected the order due to the fact that it has taken too long) it is possible to credit this ticket. To do that, employee must have enabled a permission  called ‘Generate Incidence Refund’.

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