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Stroy about Sequential Software Solution

Years back we started our software solutions journey focusing on a then niche target segment, ‘Retail and Hospitality’, a whole decade later, this segment is one of the fastest growing sectors in the UAE and Middle East. We have worked alongside small but ambitious outfits that have expanded into chains and turn into multi-country operations. At other times we have assisted large organizations that need specialist solutions in our area of expertise which is Retail and Hospitality solutions.

While yes, we do provide the software systems that run the operations of many a retail shop / restaurant/hotel, our focus has always been about translating the vision of the people behind the organization into a smooth seamless operation. In order to achieve this we have often times built unique solutions that cater to specific needs of an organization. We have also built several complicated interfaces that seamless integrate diverse systems.

We manage and oversee the GCC and India operations of ICG Software, a 30 year old company that is completely focused on Retail and Hospitality POS solutions and is based in Spain. ICG Spain is a Microsoft Gold Partner and worldwide there are over 20,000 organizations running on ICG solutions.

With a strong product backbone, a team dedicated to solutions that closely match the expectations of the customer, we are looking forward to expanding our reach to new territories, new customers or partners as we like to put it.

ICG – Spain


ICG Software from Spain was incorporated in 1985, with a focus on delivering software for the Retail, Hospitality (Restaurant and Hotel) and Distribution industries. Since then, through constant research and Development and strategic innovation, ICG pioneered the software for touchscreen in 1995 and has gone on to create software for the specific industries of Retail, Hospitality and Distribution on the latest technology platforms available in the world today.

On the Hospitality side, ICG offers best of breed solutions for cafés, restaurants, discos, take-away and delivery based fast food outlets and many more on the latest touch screen technology, handheld devices for order taking and business management software. Centralized sales operations, management of own outlets and multiple franchisees is the all possible through the ICG software.

For the Retail industry ICG’s value-added software caters to perfume shops, boutiques, supermarkets, specialty stores, basically catering to all kinds of retail environments. The strong centralized back-office system allows management of the entire operation from one central location.

Today ICG Software is translated to over 14+ languages, including Arabic. Research and Development based on market intelligence and feedback from across the globe on product features, ensure that ICG Software constantly evolves to meet and exceed customer expectations.

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